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By | 16. April 2009

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Täglich erscheinen zahlreiche Twitter Tools und Apps. Ich habe aus der Masse ein paar Perlen herausgefischt, die für Twitter User hilfreich und interessant sein können:

  • Tweetmeet: Einfach über Twitter einladen. Du gehst alleine aus? Sag wann und wohin, vielleicht kommen andere Twitterer mit.
  • Radaroo: The simple and free Twitter Dating System.
  • Tweeteffect: Find out which of your Twitter updates made people follow or leave you. Simply enter your Twitter ID in the form.
  • ScheduledTweets: You can host ScheduledTweets on your own server. Its built with PHP, MySQL and its interface is fully Ajaxed. It enables you to define time-intervals which your tweets will be sent every x minutes. You can enter unlimited tweets, drag’n drop your tweets to change the order they will be sent. Also, URL shortening service TinyURL is integrated for shorter tweets. ScheduledTweets comes with a web-based friendly installer that helps you define database Twitter information easily.
  • Tweepsearch: TweepSearch was created to allow people on Twitter to search their followers bio and location information.
  • Twivia: Twivia is a trivia game played on Twitter.
  • SpreadTweet: Twitter Tool that just looks like Excel.
  • Twitter Background Checker: Check how your Twitter Profil looks like on different Screen Resolutions.
  • GeoFollow: Location Based Twitter Directory.
  • Twikini: Twitter App for Windows Mobile Phones.
  • Twitter for Busy People: See each of our friends at once (up to 500) grouped by their last message date. You can quickly „mouse around“ and see what each of our friends has twittert. If you want to check recent history of a specific friend, it’s just one click.
  • TweetBots: Post to multiple Twitter Accounts. Auto-Follow your Followers. Tweet your RSS-Feed.
  • Twittermass: Define Keywords or Hashtags and Auto Follow or Manual Follow Twitter Users. Track Keywords and Followers.
  • My First Follow: Shows you who your first follow was on Twitter.
  • FriendorFollow: Who are you following that’s not following you back? Who’s following you that you’re not following back? Find out!
  • Twittergrep: Twitter Powered News and Discussion Service.
  • Filesocial: FileSocial allows you to share any file through your Twitter account.
  • DoctorTwitter: Free Profile Backgrounds and Layouts.
  • TweetChat: TweetChat helps to create a Chat Room related to Hashtags. Each tweet you make automatically gets a hashtag added for the room you are in – no need to worry about hashtag typos. The room auto-updates with new posts using the hashtag you are following.
  • Twaitter: Schedule Tweets, Tweet Calendar, Twitter Client, RSS-Feed to Twitter Manager (soon).
  • TweetMi: Real-Time Twitter Topics. Livestream mit Tweets zu einem bestimmten Thema.
  • TwitterTags: TweeterTags is a Twitter application which aims to add to the existing functionality of Twitter by allowing users to tag themselves, and find others according to similar tags.
  • TwitterColumns: Spaltenansicht der Follower und Friends bei Twitter. Farblich wird auch angezeigt, ob man sich gegenseitig followed.

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