SkyeCandy – Video Speed Dating mit Skype

By | 17. April 2009

SkyeCandy ist ein kostenloser Service, der Video Speed Dating über Skype ermöglicht:

  1. Download skyecandy software: skyecandy download is a simple installation.
  2. Register skyecandy: registration is quick and easy.
  3. Check-in to speed date: Speed dating sessions start every 6 minutes. Check-in to select your matching details and number of speed dates.
  4. Speed date: Enjoy 5 minute speed dates with 1 minute intervals to submit YES or NO votes, rate your dates friendliness and write reminder notes.
  5. Review and Confirm: At the end of a speed dating session you can take your time to change your mind, write more notes, send a P.S. Note and CONFIRM all your votes.
  6. Check your RESULTS: Find out your successful dates by checking RESULTS on your members web page.
  7. Add to Skype: Choose to add successful dates to your Skype contact list to continue free communication.
  8. Share with friends: Help introduce better matching features by helping the skyecandy community grow.
  9. Do it all again: WARNING skyecandy is addictive :)

Author: Michael Wuensch

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