Coole Webseiten und Tools #53

By | 13. Februar 2010

Coole Webseiten und Tools Coole Webseiten und Tools #53:

1. Photos Roads to Nowhere: Mindblowing Photography by Andreas Reinhold.

2. How To: Integrate Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz into your GMail.

3. Project Management: 20 Project Management Tools.

4. Random Image Generator: „The random image generator is a free tool that will generate placeholder or dummy images in your specific dimensions“.

5. Moveey: Social Movie Watching.

6. MakeUseOf: Vergleich zwischen iPhone und iPod Touch.

7. CHIP: Die besten Gratis-Tools Februar 2010.

8. iPhone Photo Apps: 9 Best iPhone Apps for Photography.

9. LaterBro: Send Twitter and Facebook Status Updates later.

10. Virtual Pianos: a) Virtual Piano, b) The Virtual Piano, c) Play the YouTube Piano.